1 Bahati Ridge Gated Community, along Thika-Muranga road, THIKA.
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of townhouses, access road and gate area
Kate-P.J. Manager
Jan 2014-June 2015 Complete
2  Garden City Residential Phase 1 Ruaraka, NAIROBI.
–Designed and implemented apartments’ outdoor spaces Landscaping.
R.Gichoi- P.J. Manager
 Dec 2014-May 2015  Complete
3 Savuti Estate Housing Scheme, KITUSURU.
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of 14 townhouses, club house and grading works design.
 Blueline Properties  2014-present  Ongoing
4  Kurahia homes, JUJA.
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of club house park and jogging track construction 7acres.
Kurahia homes  2014 Jan-June 2015  Complete
5  Osotua villas, NAIVASHA
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of 22 town houses & 1 apartments complex (with interior plant-scaping for studio house).
 Tamarind and Pinnacle  2014-15  Ongoing
6  Namanisho Park ,Matasia, NG’ONG
-Design and implementing Landscaping of 26 townhouses
 Epco builders  Jan 2015–June 2015 Complete
7  Heliconia gardens, LOWER KABETE
-Design and implementing Landscaping of 13 townhouses & grading works design.
Moses-P.J. Manager
 2014-present. Ongoing
8  Town houses –Kibuwa enterprises, Chalbi rd. LAVINGTON.
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of backyards and gate front.
 Kibuwa Enterprises
R. Kibuchi-P.J. Manager
 2014 Oct -May 2015  Complete
9  KTN Standard Group Green Park, Mombasa Rd, NAIROBI.
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of common green areas.
 Standard Group  2013  Complete
10  Milele Mall, NG’ONG.
-Landscape implementation
 Epco Builders  Feb 2015-June2015  In progress
11  Greenpoint park and residential units, opp. Kenmosa ,ELDORET.
-Design and implement Landscaping (Eldoret) 400 units on 900 acres.
 Elso Ltd.  Implementation
starts in 2015.
12  SCSS Temple and residential flats , along Southern Bypass, LANG’ATA.
-Implementing Landscaping works
 Mr. Parbat  April 2015-present  Ongoing
13  Gated community at Tigoni, LIMURU.
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of 23 country homes
 Mr. Koinange  2012  Complete
14  Savannah Cement Factory, Mombasa Rd.
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of common green areas
 Savanna Cement  2012  Complete
15  Braeburn School, NAIROBI
-Football pitch re-turfing project.
 Braeburn  2012  Complete
16  Bahati Ridge Gated Community, along Thika-Murang’a road, THIKA.
-Designed and implemented irrigation system works
Kate-P.J. Manager
 May 2015– Aug
17  KMA Real Estate Scheme, MTWAPA
-Design and implement Landscaping of gated community apartments.
 Epco builders  July 2015– present Ongoing
18  Park Eco-design for Mr. Wasswa –Kampala, UGANDA.
-Designed for Landscaping of eco-design park, 70 acres
 Mr. Wasswa  2012  Complete
19  Kencom Sacco homes, Kiambu Rd.
-Landscaping of Public green areas ,spine roads and arteries
Mr. Kamau-P.J. Manager
 June 2015– present  Ongoing
20  Apartments at Gakawa/Kahura Block 1, NANYUKI.
-Design and implementing of landscaping works.
 Graceland developers  Aug 2015-present  Ongoing
21  Gulf power plant, ATHIRIVER.
-Design of treeing and grassing concept for industrial plant on 3 acres.
 Wartsila Ltd.  June 2015  Complete
22  Standard Gauge Railway (SGR),Mtito Andei Station.
-Slope stabilization, drainage installation and landscaping-40km section.
 China Rd and Bridge  Ongoing
23  Gitau’s residential home, Muthithi Rd ,KIAMBU
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of residence.
 Mr. Gitau  Feb 2015 – July 2015  Complete
24  Kiplagats’s residential home ,Gigiri.
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of residence.
 Kiplagat  Nov 2014-June 2015  Complete
25  Kabage’s residential home ,KAREN.
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of residence, fountain construction and currently maintaining.
 Mr. Karanja Kabage  Jan 2014– Nov 2014  Complete
26  Hon. Wathika’s residential home, Kigwa ridge.
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of residence
 Hon. Dick Wathika  May 2013-Nov 2013  Complete
27  Satchu’s residential home, WINDSOR.
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of residence
 Ali Khan Satchu  Nov 2013–June 2014  Complete
28  Nabila’s residential home, NYARI.
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of residence
 Mr. Nabila  Sept 2014-Jan2015  Complete
29 Carolan residential home, TIGONI.
-Design and implementing Landscaping of residence, grading and slope stabilization works.
 Mrs. Carolan  June 2014-Oct 2014  Complete
30  Mr. Murathe residential home, Kirwara, MURANGA.
-Design and implementing Landscaping of residence.
 Mr. Murathe  July 2015– present  Ongoing
31  Mr. Ngunjiri residential home, Garden Estate, NAIROBI.
-Design and implementing Landscaping of residence.
 Mr. Ngunjiri  Dec 2014–Feb 2015  Complete
32 Mark Ross residential home , KAREN.
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of residence
Mark Ross Feb 2014-June 2014 Complete
33 Mr. Kigwe, Nairobi.
-Security hedging landscaping and driveway shouldering.
Mr. Kigwe 2014 Complete
34 Warokera residence, RUNDA.
-Lawn Irrigation system installation on 1/2 acre.
Mrs. Warokera May 2015 Complete
35 Mr. Batt residence, Mazeras Rd, LAVINGTON.
-Lawn overhaul and tree pruning on 1/2 acre.
Mr. Batt Aug 2015 Complete
36 Mr. R. Gichoi residence, Edenville estate , Kiambu road.
-Garden maintenance.
Mr. R. Gichoi June 2015-present Ongoing
37 Muhugu Real Estate Scheme, KAREN.
-Designed and implemented Landscaping of 2 townhouses.
Pinnacle Ltd 2013 Complete
38 Mr. Musau residence, MACHAKOS.
-Design of Landscape for residence on 4 acres.
Mr. Musau June 2015 Complete
39 Mr. Ntutu residential home, NAROK.
-Design and implementing Landscaping of residence on 2 acres.
Mr. Ntutu June 2015 Complete
40 Mr. Sirma residential home, KAREN.
-Design and implementing Landscaping of residence on 1/2 acre.
Mr. Sirma May 2015– present Ongoing
41 Dick Wathika

-Design and Landscaping of residence.

Dick Wathika Dick Wathika Complete
43 Heri Square, RUAKA.
-Design and landscape installation.
Hon. Khabogo Aug 2013 Complete